You will receive an appointment confirmation email which contains a link for cancelling appointments made online.

Appointments may be made up to 20 days in advance.  



Book Appointment (DocBook Link)

– Suitable for New Medical and Chiropractic patients

– Suitable for Existing Medical and Chiropractic patients



Book Appointment (HealthEngine Link)

– Suitable for Existing Medical patients only



   * NOTE:- First time users will be required to register. This process  in DocBook requires you to enter the FIRST FOUR digits of your medicare number. Not required for future online appointments.


 * * NOTE:- Your medicare card number will need to be recorded at the clinic for appointment verification purposes. You may not be able to make an online appointment if your medicare number is not recorded. Please have this number recorded when you next ring or visit the clinic and future online appointment making will be possible.


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